The Cannabis File™

The Cannabis File was created in March 2018 as a website that is dedicated to exploring the challenges and opportunities that business people, entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders face when entering and operating in the legal cannabis and hemp industry. Created by Ashley T. Martinez, The Cannabis File is primarily focused on covering current legislation, industry trends, and regulatory changes that impact the cannabis and hemp communities.

The intended audience is current and future entrepreneurs, industry stakeholders, investors, and policymakers that are interested in the growing the legal cannabis and hemp industries.

Ashley is the Founder of The Cannabis File and he brings over ten years of experience facilitating relationships with elected officials and staff, on both sides of the aisle to craft and execute a budget, legislative and regulatory strategy on behalf of businesses and organizations.

The easiest way to contact us is to send an email to info@thecannabisfile.com. We respond quickly to inquiries. You can also follow our official Twitter account, which is constantly updated with recently published stories.