Public Policies for Advocates and Stakeholders to Consider in 2019

Note: This article originally appeared on the site Kannovate – an informational guide to help Activist and citizens keep a pulse on the Cannabis Enlightenments movement throughout the US. To read the full article, please visit Kannovate by clicking here.

Last week, Canada became the second country, after Uruguay, to legalize recreational cannabis. In one week, voters in four states—Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, and Utah—will decide whether or not to legalize some form of marijuana use. Across the United States, there are currently 30 states that allow some form of cannabis use. If the four ballot measures pass in November, the total number of states that have legalized either medical or recreational use will reach almost 70%, including Washington, D.C.

While these recent developments indicate changing attitudes towards cannabis as a dangerous “drug,” they also present several public policy issues that stakeholders in the industry will need to proactively engage and address in the coming months and years in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the industry.

I have compiled a list of the top seven public policy issues that all stakeholders in the cannabis industry should consider as the move towards full legalization in the United States approaches. My hope is to provide you a glimpse into topics that will be at the forefront in the public policy arena in the coming years, offering you a chance to prepare and plan for your engagement strategy in advance.

Read the full article here…

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