Are Your Cannabis Packages Compliant? Reviewing the Basic Requirements in California

Compliance with California’s stringent rules and regulations can literally make or break your cannabis business and as the state ramps up enforcement, the top priority for cannabis businesses should be to protect your state and local license!

As we near the completion of the first quarter of legal adult-use, now is a good time to review a compliance basic: packaging requirements.

Prior to distributing or selling the cannabis or cannabis related products, California requires all products must be packaged within certain guidelines. Here are a few of the basic rules businesses must follow in order to legally distribute or sell cannabis in California:

  1. Child-resistant. All packages must be child-resistant, re-sealable, and tamper-evident. Child resistant, as defined by Prop. 64 (2016), is a package that is “designed or constructed to be significantly difficult for children under five years of age to open, and not difficult for normal adults to use properly.”
  2. Resemblance. Packages cannot resemble traditionally available food packages, and cannot be attractive to children, or easily confused with candy or foods that do not contain cannabis.
  3. Edibles. Packages must be opaque.
  4. Information Labels. Packaging must include space for product information labels that includes:
    • Date of manufacturing and packaging.
    • Known allergens
    • Source and date of cultivation
    • Type of cannabis or cannabis product
    • Number of servings per package
    • Active ingredients (THC, CBD, etc.) and amount (mg per serving)
    • Government warning
    • The universal symbol for cannabis
    • Unique ID number that will be used in the State’s track and trace system.

Packages that do not meet these requirements are subject to seizure, and the business could face penalties, fines, or a could potentially lose the license to operate. Take a moment to review your packaging procedures to ensure they meet these basic requirements, otherwise you could run into a host of problems.

Questions about compliance? Contact us at or by clicking here.

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